Adde Adesokan AKA theblackstar is a photographer and Creative Director based out of Hamburg, Germany. His project called Triptychs of Strangers is a series of pictures shot on the street of random people shot in a series of triptychs – that is, his photos are divided into 3 sections. The details of the photos provide a startling glimpse into someone’s life. It’s amazing what one can learn and imagine from the outward image we project into the world. Visit his official site here and his flickr stream here.

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Annette CFY 2011

In order to gain a better understanding of the object we have been studying so far, we have compared it to other similar objects. The following are my favorite form + composition, assembly, and materials diptychs, respectively.

I really enjoyed this form and composition diptych not only because the top of the lantern and the eye look so much alike but they both have similar functions. The lantern can light up a dark path and allow us to see where we are headed in the same way that we open our eyes to see the light and the world around us.

The most prominent features of the lantern that are related to assembly are the adjustable handle and the removable lid that can be screwed/unscrewed from the body. For this reason, when I saw this picture of a thermos with its own moving handle and removable lid, I thought about…

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Sebastiaan Bremer

color challenge